FTS Solutions is strongly focused on using modern technologies like cloud, mobile, kiosks, big-data, etc. to provide innovative and cost effective solutions for our customers


Solutions for high-volume, secure, real-time, two-way product, pricing, sales, inventory and ordering. Management for single or multi-store retailers provided by the CYGNUS suite of products.


FTS provides on-site and remote installation support. Support provided via phone and online portal. FTS uses remote access software for quick access to any POS for day-to-day support. Coninuous monitoring of connectivity from stores, WIC file exchanges and key system KPI. Updates to POS & back-office included


FTS Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all of your point-of-sale system needs. Our Cygnus POS system is:
  • Simple to use, easy to maintain, & reliable.
  • Handles all aspects of item sales and returns.
  • Supports rapid product identification via scanner, smart keyboards, as well as manual product lookups. Supports attached and remote weighing scales. Supports barcode printing.
  • Receives product, pricing, promotion and employee information from the Cygnus Core everyday. Updates to these and other transactional information back to the core every 10 minutes.
  • Can operate if power or internet connectivity is intermittent.

Our proprietary CYGNUS POS software will also allow you to:

  • Run hundreds of stores as closely as you ran your first one.
  • Run your business from anywhere-anytime.
  • Convert your business data into a strategic advantage.
  • Provide comprehensive retail features.
  • Offers flexible equipment needs.
  • Provides friendly support.
  • Offers attractive pricing.


Seamlessly and cost-effectively transition from your current retail system to Cygnus.

Minimize your upfront equipment costs by buying off-the-shelf or reusing your existing equipment (where possible).

We provide comprehensive installation, training and data migration support.


Cygnus POS has comprehensive retail features for rapid, high volume selling.

  • Payment Support: Credit, Debit, EMV, SNAP EBT, FSA, eWIC.
  • Unique WIC features:
    • “WIC Only mode.”
    • Running balance of benefits.
    • Certified for Split Tender.
    • Easy voids of non-WIC items.
    • Automated APL, HCL, Claim files.
  • Optional stand-beside mode can run in tandem with your current POS


Don’t pay for excessive upfront software fees and expensive support contracts.

We offer a cost-effective monthly, pay-as-you-go, option which includes licensing, bi-lingual support, monitoring, automatic data exchange and more.



FTS Solutions is a Houston-based technology company that specializes in developing, implementing, and supporting retail management systems and other Internet-based solutions for the ever-changing, evolving retail business environment.
With over 10 years’ experience in developing software solutions, FTS Solutions prides itself on creating flexible, scalable, reliable, and affordable product solutions that address your most pressing business needs.
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